I’ve been doing social media for close to a decade now.  It’s the only thing in my business that I can’t outsource and over the years, the only consistent thing about it is it has changed A LOT.  In fact, it changes constantly.

You need to plan for the long term.  It’s not a short game.  It’s a very very long game.  Some things you need to consider before hiring someone to do social media.

Social Media takes planning and research

Every account is different and I mean every account.  I can’t apply a standing approach to every single account I have.  What I do know is that a) design and content are important and b) its all about the targeting.

The message varies, the tone varies, the audience varies.  I think that agencies sometimes miss the intricacies of social.  You need to have time to develop.  Generating an audience that loves to talk to you isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Social Media takes careful content planning

Content is everything and I do mean everything.  Does it mean that I never take shortcuts?  No, it doesn’t.  Everyone takes short cuts. Sometimes I buy my quotes instead of creating them. However, having a carefully planned content calendar is important.  I do not use a monthly or long drawn out calendar.  My calendar is weekly and basically a spreadsheet of what I want to do this week.  I have general ideas and hashtags on each account, however, that’s it.  I use other sources to write content, so it seems fresh to me.

This is one of the most critical things I have changed over the years.  I found if you get stuck in a planner, then sometimes your planner controls you.  I like to have fresh inspiration and do things that are critical.  I do keep important things in the planner, like openings, gigs for talented clients and things of that nature, but it is embarrassingly simple.  Keep it simple!

Viral isn’t a thing for most people

The nature of social media is very misleading and I’m not referring to fake news.  Because we see people that go viral every day, we assume that its pretty easy to go viral.  It’s not.  In fact, unless you have a zillion dollars to spend on advertising, don’t expect it. Yes, it does happen.   However, it doesn’t happen as often as you think it does.

It’s better to plan on the long game and if you end up scoring a viral following, that’s great.  If not, you still have a great audience to build on which is really what leads to sales anyway.


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Why Social Media is a Long Term Plan