Any marketer in the world will tell you that social media is important.  But how important is it?

Social media is important.  Its not the only thing you should be doing though.  When I talk to clients about the importance of marketing on the web, I talk about the three parts of online marketing:

  • Social Media
  • SEO and SEM
  • Email Marketing

Different strategies work with different businesses.  Social media does affects your search results.  Its not a huge effect. At minimum, every business in the world should have Facebook, Twitter, Google + and LinkedIn.  Some businesses can use Pinterest, Instagram, FourSquare, etc.

Staying active is important.  You need to be posting to social media.  Nothing is worse than a business who hasn’t posted in a year.  It just makes you look like you gave up.  If you can’t keep up a blog, then don’t do one.  If you can’t keep your newsletters going out on a regular basis, don’t do them!  Find a strategy that works for you, is realistic and most importantly that you can stick to!

I recommend that every business in the world put at least a $1 per day towards their Facebook marketing.  That is $30 per month.  The more followers you have, the more people you reach.  The more people you reach, the fresher you stay in people’s minds.   Posting three to four times per day is a good practice.  While your posting, remember, don’t do 85% self promotion.  It’s bad for  you.  First of all, Facebook has sponsored ads all the time.  Posting ads on your own timeline is a bad practice and becomes much like television.  You tune it out because…hey who really wants to see a ton of commercials?

Twitter advertising I do not find particularly effective.  They are $3 a day and in my humble opinion they are not maximizing their platform.  Why pay for something I can build naturally?  Just my opinion, but in my experience it is a valid one.

Social media isn’t about making the sale.  Social media is about staying present so that when someone needs what you do, they remember you exist.  Social media is about conversations.  Interact with your customers.  People are over the automated systems.  Social media is personal.  Be personal.

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Setting Expectations About Social Media
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