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I am a very self disciplined person. I’m lucky that way. It comes very easy to me as long as I have a routine. However, I began to notice that self control is not an easy thing for most people, especially when it comes to working for yourself. I started to notice it when I was working in the corporate industry.  I would start to workout and keep doing it every day, but my friends who were sworn to the routine would quit after a few weeks.  I was confused at first as to why they didn’t just get into the routine of it all then I realized that it never became routine for them.  Routines are harder to implement for some people.

Common Attributes of People with Low Self Discipline

  1. You find yourself dropping things after a few weeks;
  2. You find yourself always behind and struggling to get things in on time;
  3. You give up easy or give up on your routines, because you deserve to;

Here are a few tips to get you going on the road to self discipline in your home business:

  1. Get up at the same time every day.  This will help you establish your routine.  Tell yourself you must get up.  It’s your business and only one person is going to make it successful.
  2. Take vitamins, they do the body good.
  3. Eat a good breakfast.  This will help start your day off right.
  4. Start work at the same time every day and work a full day like you would in your industry.  If you consider your job a real job, then you should put in real hours.  Its difficult to do at first, but you’ll find your life a lot more balanced and manageable.
  5. Set task lists for yourself to accomplish every day, the more routine the better.
  6. Eat a good lunch.
  7. Take breaks from your desk.  Get up, walk around, do some pushups, go to the gym.  Whatever you decide to do, take a break every so often from your desk.  Sitting is hard on your body and your soul.  Breathe some fresh air.
  8. Set time aside every day for education in your industry.  In most careers, there is education needed to stay on top of the industry.  Take some time every day to read some articles or do some actual class work to learn something new.  All you need is fifteen minutes.
  9. Set time aside every week to network.  Networking is really important to succeed in a home business.  Take the time to meet new people.  Don’t make your networking time trying to get sales (although it’s completely related), networking is great for building your reputation and spreading the word.
  10. Take a day off every week.  Working is habitual.  Most people have issues tearing themselves away from the computer, however, those mental health breaks are necessary and will ultimately make you better at your job.  Take a day off.  Rome didn’t fall in a day and neither will your business.
  11. Get a good nights sleep.  Six to eight hours a day is exactly what your body needs to work effectively.
  12. Get up and repeat steps 1-10.
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Self Discipline: Building Great Work Habits