The latest Facebook scandal has resulted in changes to the security on Facebook. But what exactly is changing?

  1. All your privacy settings in one place.  You no longer have to change your settings on several different screens.   They are making it easier to update your settings.
  2. It will be easier to protect your account. In the “privacy shortcuts” menu.  You will be able to turn on two-factor authorization, which is annoying but highly recommended.  Many apps use this two-factor authorization currently.
  3. They are putting themselves out there. Facebook has made promises to better spell out their terms of service and data policy to protect people.

While Facebook’s new ad promising to return to “what made Facebook great” is a step, it is early to tell if it will be enough.  With millions of users its unlikely we’ll experience a mass exit from the giant.  Although it’s been known to happen.  And there has been some exit of users due to the #DeleteFacebook movement.  I wouldn’t give up on Facebook just yet.  This is a promising new day in social media.

While I get the panic, growing pains are bound to happen in a society that relies more and more on social media platforms to stay in touch.  Leaving for another platform that is probably ‘less secure’ is not the answer.  Companies are struggling to stay ahead of technology as it is.  AI is making its way into the world.  Things like security just aren’t a problem until they are.

I also truly believe that scandals like these only serve to make companies work harder.  As evidenced by the United Airlines scandal.  Social media is holding people and companies accountable.  The answer isn’t to abandon ship, it is to give companies a chance to answer to and fix their issues.

I always advise my clients not to ignore complaints.  It is better to face your challenges head on no matter what they are.  We are in an age of transparency.  Social media is the new customer service platform.  Companies like Facebook and United Airlines should treat it like one.  And so should you.  Answer complaints, be honest and have a moral compass.  It is the best thing for you.

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Sarah Tips 101: How is Facebook Changing