LinkedIn is arguably one of the most useful social media tools that exists today. Understanding how to use LinkedIn is something that is incredibly important for all business owners and employees. Below are some recommendations to help you amp up your LinkedIn profile for better results.

1. Upload a professional picture.
While it’s nice to have pictures with your kids, it’s not really appropriate for LinkedIn. Get a professional picture taken. Even if you have a casual business, it’s better to have a professional picture. Leave the kid pictures and kittens for Facebook. And DON’T, whatever you do, use a picture of your logo. It is against LinkedIn’s terms of use agreement. They will disable you or ask you to upload a different picture.

2. Make your headline interesting.
The tendency is to have your job title for your headline. Don’t do it! Sell yourself in one line. Think of something interesting to say about what you do. The goal is to stand out. There are a million social media managers in the world. What makes you different?

3. Skills.
Yes, add as many as you can.   Don’t add outdated skills or software.  Keep your skills moving with the times.

4. Ask for recommendations.
There is a section under Privacy & Settings called ‘Manage your recommendations’ where you can ask for recommendations.

5. Personalize your LinkedIn URL and update your public profile.
This does not update automatically. This is also located under the Privacy & Settings section of LinkedIn. You can select what you want to show.

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Power Up Your LinkedIn Profile