Overthinking Social

Inevitably I have a client or two that starts to question the importance of social media.  Having been in this business successfully for years, I can tell you it is absolutely important.  Not only is it critical, but it’s critical to not get stuck in your own thinking.  It’s dangerous for your company.

How is it dangerous? There are a couple of ways:

  • People get tired of the same old design aesthetic, colors change from year to year and so does language. I hate to say it but people get complacent to advertising.  So if you keep doing the same old thing, chances are your clients have already tuned you out.
  • It may affect your sales. Right now, an audience is everything, engagement is everything.  Personal is better.  Different is better.  It’s the time to adjust or complain about the same thing that every business that can’t get out of their own way is suffering from, the ‘but this is how we’ve always done it’ disease.

Studies show that people would rather do business with companies that have social media.  What does that mean?

What it means is you should have social that responds to clients.  It’s the new customer service channel.  Much like having a phone in the 80s but only more interactive.

It doesn’t mean that you should scrutinize every single post based on your own likes/dislikes or anyone else’s.  Doing this only complicates things and its not really the reality of social media.  The reality is it’s here today and gone tomorrow.  And since it’s not based on what you like and rather what your audience likes you really shouldn’t over think it.

This came up in a group that I belong to this week.  Can you create viral?  No. Here is the thing about social. You can not always predict what people are going to latch on to.  Recreating movements or popular ads is next to impossible.  And here’s the next biggest thing… if you are trying to copy someone, it’s probably not going to work.  That is another reason you shouldn’t overthink things.  IT DOESN’T WORK!

Social media is finicky and the best approach is slow, solid and steady.  Build your audience.  Listen to your audience; not your head.  Being successful isn’t being viral.  Yes, you may get that one video or that one post that puts you over the top. However, the chances are, you are never going to be able to predict what that will be exactly.

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Overthinking Social Media and Why It’s Dangerous