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by Sarah Hoffman

Email marketing is part of a balanced approach to digital advertising that I consider to be important.   Perhaps it isn’t critical, however, it can be an important addition to your marketing plan.

You can use email marketing in several ways:

  1. Market sales or upcoming sales events in your store
  2. Send newsletters or updates about your store or business
  3. Send helpful or educational pieces (original content)

Remember, don’t annoy your clients with daily emails.  Finding the right balance of email marketing is very important and widely depends on industry.  My general rule of thumb, again depending on the industry, is no more than once a week.  It is preferable to do it once a month.  This is disregarding big news and special events that may come up in your business.  Keeping your clients informed is important, especially when it comes to changes in the way you do business.

There are several sites that offer free email marketing and list maintenance.  However, as always, you get what you pay for.  My number one recommendation is  However, these are very viable options for you:


You can hire a contractor to maintain your email marketing for you at pretty reasonable rates from or you can do it yourself.  Either way it is an important part of your marketing strategy.

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Email Marketing and Why You Should Use It