what social media is and is not

What Social Media IS and IS NOT

There is a disturbing trend happening in the area of social media that I want to address.  I see every week, jobs posted for social media interns.  Upon reading the ad I discover that it’s not an intern position, that


Why Reviews are so Important & How You Should Respond

Reviews are critical in the world of social media.  People rely on them a lot.  Whether it is Yelp!, Facebook or Google, reviews can help you reach your customers. One of the questions I get the most from my clients

social media is a long game

Why Social Media is a Long Term Plan

I’ve been doing social media for close to a decade now.  It’s the only thing in my business that I can’t outsource and over the years, the only consistent thing about it is it has changed A LOT.  In fact,

advertise without advertising

Content Strategy: How to advertise without advertising

I’ve always said, that one of the reasons that I can’t outsource the social media part of my business is because there is a thing with advertising without advertising.  One of my pet peeves, and it’s a big one, is

Being Genuine

Why Being Genuine is The Most Important Thing

I struggle constantly with how much of my clients I need in their social media.  There are several thought processes I go through. Do I believe in their product or what they are doing? Is their business so personal that

social media manager

What Should A Social Media Manager Know

I get this question a lot and it came up in one of the groups I’m in this week.  This is a difficult question to answer for many reasons, but especially because each social media manager and channel is different.

Overthinking Social

Overthinking Social Media and Why It’s Dangerous

Inevitably I have a client or two that starts to question the importance of social media.  Having been in this business successfully for years, I can tell you it is absolutely important.  Not only is it critical, but it’s critical

How is Facebook Changing?

Sarah Tips 101: How is Facebook Changing

The latest Facebook scandal has resulted in changes to the security on Facebook. But what exactly is changing? All your privacy settings in one place.  You no longer have to change your settings on several different screens.   They are making

social media 2017

2017, Social Media, and the Inevitable “Sexy” Term of the Year

New “i want to act like i know what i’m talking about”  term of the year “programmatic advertising”. OMG!  Seriously stop coming up with these crazy words to impress people.  It’s like “sexy”.   Making an ad “sexy” is about

work from home, sarah hoffman

Self Discipline: Building Great Work Habits

I am a very self disciplined person. I’m lucky that way. It comes very easy to me as long as I have a routine. However, I began to notice that self control is not an easy thing for most people,