How is Facebook Changing?

Sarah Tips 101: How is Facebook Changing

The latest Facebook scandal has resulted in changes to the security on Facebook. But what exactly is changing? All your privacy settings in one place.  You no longer have to change your settings on several different screens.   They are making

social media 2017

2017, Social Media, and the Inevitable “Sexy” Term of the Year

New “i want to act like i know what i’m talking about”  term of the year “programmatic advertising”. OMG!  Seriously stop coming up with these crazy words to impress people.  It’s like “sexy”.   Making an ad “sexy” is about

work from home, sarah hoffman

Self Discipline: Building Great Work Habits

I am a very self disciplined person. I’m lucky that way. It comes very easy to me as long as I have a routine. However, I began to notice that self control is not an easy thing for most people,

email marketing

Email Marketing and Why You Should Use It

                        by Sarah Hoffman Email marketing is part of a balanced approach to digital advertising that I consider to be important.   Perhaps it isn’t critical, however, it can be

digital marketing

There is more to Digital Marketing than just Social Media and SEO

Recently I lost a client due to an SEO guy promising amazing results for organic search.  Is organic search important?  Yes!  It is.  It’s just not the whole picture.  Is it possible to increase your ranking and improve those results? 

top ten things to remember as an independent marketer

The Top 10 Things to Remember in Independent Marketing

Being an independent marketer is often difficult. Marketing yourself and maintaining ethical boundaries is sometimes also very challenging. Here are some tips to get you started. Be fair to your clients and to yourself. You SHOULD get paid for all

linkedin icon

Power Up Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is arguably one of the most useful social media tools that exists today. Understanding how to use LinkedIn is something that is incredibly important for all business owners and employees. Below are some recommendations to help you amp up

social media

Setting Expectations About Social Media

Any marketer in the world will tell you that social media is important.  But how important is it? Social media is important.  Its not the only thing you should be doing though.  When I talk to clients about the importance


Lepow Moonstone 6000 mAh External Battery Product Review

I rarely do product promotion.  For my birthday I received a Lepow Moonstone 6000 mAh External Battery with Dual USB Ports for Smartphones. I can not say enough about how amazing this back up battery pack is.  It is inexpensive. 


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