Be Genuine

I struggle constantly with how much of my clients I need in their social media.  There are several thought processes I go through.

  1. Do I believe in their product or what they are doing?
  2. Is their business so personal that I am unable to interpret their point of view?
  3. Is it too much of a niche market?

Being genuine is one of the most important things in social media.  It’s not about a brand, it’s about being social.  It’s also something that businesses forget to do ALL THE TIME. They get so involved in their brand and selling that they forget that it’s ‘social’ media.

I’ll be the first one to say that ads are effective, especially with the right targeting. Design is important and photography ranks up there with design.  However, the thing that is going to make the difference is, is how genuine your company is. It’s okay to have a sense of humor, its okay to do things that no one else is doing.  (There are things you should stay away from).  If you are doing your social media yourself, make sure it’s you and not some watered down corporate version of your business.

Things you shouldn’t do is use crass humor.  Just because its funny to you doesn’t mean its funny to the rest of the world.  This added to the fact that social is fickle and it could add up to a disaster.  Stay away from politics and religion.  It is just not going to do you any good.

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Why Being Genuine is The Most Important Thing